Digital Media Production & Post-Production

With a degree in Video & Film Production, 30 years’ production experience and 10+ years in the Producers Guild of America (p.g.a.), you’re getting a seasoned professional.

Working in the Adobe Creative Suite of applications primarily but also have experience in Final Cut Pro and Avid.

Full Lifecycle Product Management

Over my career, I’ve been fortunate to have led Product teams to bring first-to-market products and services that have become huge businesses.

These include VOD, consumer broadband, streaming mobile video and literally hundreds of mobile games and apps.

I’m a fan of letting the team and the product choose the process, not the other way around. Agile, Lean, Waterfall, GSD. All that counts is launching a product or service that your customers LOVE.

Strategic Consultation & Rapid Prototyping

This particular service came about as I’m often asked to help hash out roadmaps for product and/or service go-to-market strategies. Likewise, I’m often approached by people with an idea and partial business plan who need help filling in the gaps in order to seek investment funding.

It’s been my experience that a solid business plan and pitch is not enough to secure funding. That’s where having a working, clickable prototype that can be demonstrated and shared makes your team look more capable, but more importantly, gives a tangible example to envision the actual product. Invest in people and products, not Powerpoints.

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