Having produced so many exciting products & services, it’s impossible to put them all in one portfolio. This section serves as an ever-changing showcase to feature the variety and quality of my work as a Producer, Product Manager and Digital Strategy Consultant.

Product Manager

Powerball™ Arcade

The Multi State Lottery Association (MUSL) partnered with my client, Milestone Entertainment, to create a 2nd Chance Gaming Platform for the popular Powerball™ draw game. The most significant success on this project was that it marked the first time Powerball™ could study their player base. Up to this point, there was no database of players tied to ticket sales. Powerball™ Arcade observes and reports upon a variety of data points and behavior patterns that were previously impossible to determine.

In September 2019, Powerball™ Arcade won the Buddy Roogow Innovation Award for “Best New Draw Game” at the NASPL 2019 Annual Conference.

Executive Producer

Sony Screenblast

One of the first Over-The-Top (OTT) Channel prototypes, it combined web content with a compelling 3D OpenGL user interface.

I presented Screenblast in public for the first time in a keynote at MILIA in Cannes, and was pleased to catch the attention of, and begin collaborative talks with, some colleagues from the Playstation group who were also in attendance. They immediately saw the potential for such interfaces on Playstation consoles.

Digital Strategy Consultant

Warner Bros

Warner Bros contracted me to craft and deliver a comprehensive digital strategy around the $28B Harry Potter franchise.

UPDATE: This strategic plan is still being executed to this day; most exciting is my proposal to partner with Niantic Labs (makers of Pokemon GO) to produce the smash hit mobile AR experience “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite”.

Product Manager

State Lottery Games

State Lotteries are anxious about losing future audiences to more attractive and popular mobile games so many are exploring digital gaming as an enhancement or alternative to physical scratcher ticket games. Working for Milestone Entertainment, I led the development, rollout and support for 2nd Chance web and mobile games for numerous States. I worked directly with State government teams to ensure the games comply with the security and privacy requirements of a highly regulated environment.

Executive Producer

JZ Vacation Rentals

Supporting the production, post-production and social media distribution of branded digital assets for real estate sales (JZ Properties), short-term vacation rental properties (JZ Vacation Rentals) and non-profit educational foundation (JZ Gives Back).

See one of their YouTube channels for plenty of examples of video work.

Executive Producer

XBOX Entertainment Network

The challenge set forth by Microsoft was to create an entire user interface and experience that could contain all manner of branded interactive entertainment and not require the user to be a hardcore gamer. We set out to create an entire “network” that could present brands and their experiences in a beautiful, broadcast-graphics inspired layout. The resulting prototype demonstrated seamlessly jumping from the UI to full-screen streaming video, dropping in and out of casual multiplayer games, incorporating sponsorship, advertising, leaderboards and contests.

It has been exciting to see aspects of this early experiment manifest itself in various ways on Xbox Live over the years. Things like voice messaging, party chat, avatars and more.

Executive Producer

Sony Pictures Playstation OTT Service

Sony Pictures’ first OTT service prototype for the Playstation game console. At the time, broadband networks were far more robust and prevalent in Japan, so the Japanese engineers were hard at work on an unreleased spec called Playstation Markup Language (PSML). Sony Pictures wanted to demonstrate how their movies, television and music properties could be offered as a broadband entertainment service and powered by PSML.

The resulting product was a success in that it had persistent crowds gathered around the screen in the Sony booth at E3. My proudest moment came when one of the Japanese engineers incredulously asked how I built the prototype as they hadn’t yet released the PSML dev kit from their labs. When you can fake out the engineer building the SDK, that’s a good prototype.

Consultant | Rapid Prototype

WADJU Word of Mouth

WADJU is a platform designed to collect and access word of mouth recommendations on a variety of items.

Simplifying the concept of facilitating connections between “person – affinity – item” into a single thumbs-up or down mechanic, WADJU aims to make it easy to recommend anything and see what your friends recommend. To quickly prove the concept, the team decided to start in the restaurant vertical. WADJU wanted to solve the common problem of, “I’ve never eaten here before – which menu items are the best, and what do my friends recommend?”

Producer, Editor

Blockbuster On Demand

The first in-market Video On Demand (VOD) service trial.

IBM and Blockbuster Entertainment tasked my design and animation team with building the UI/UX and vision pieces for an in-home on-demand movie and entertainment service called Blockbuster on Demand (BBOD). Some of the highlights of this work included a fully realized 3D Blockbuster store, complete with a library of movies and music you could enjoy using a first-generation MPEG card. Note the on-screen choices were numbered. This work predated and defined the UI need for the now universal up-down-left-right and SELECT buttons.