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In my blog, I observe, share, comment and ask open-ended questions of things related to living in a connected digital society. I encourage you to participate in the discussion, as long as we keep things civil. While I’m sure some may find your links to male-enhancement drugs fascinating, please refrain from posting them in this forum. Thanks and enjoy!

The ROI of Wisdom

October 3, 2016, admin0 Comments

3 doorsEarlier this year, I wrote about the ROI of Failure, in which I explained that the return on that investment is wisdom, with a giant asterisk as a caveat. You have to be prepared to generate and gain wisdom. This time around, we’ll look into the ROI of Wisdom; how exactly is it identified and can it be quantified or applied? Read More

Applying Rapid Prototyping to Media Production

September 26, 2016, admin0 Comments

PJK LiveThere’s a mind set and a little magic that goes into making something look larger than life. That it cost a fortune. Making it demand your attention, your admiration, perhaps even your desire. The food stylist putting the finishing touches on the perfect Big Mac by applying just the right dot of ketchup with a syringe. We know that every burger cranked out after this one will pale in comparison, but this one is special. It has a purpose. It starts the process. Before the first customer arrives, this gorgeous burger sets the scene for what’s to come. It represents brand promise. It is this very mind set and magic that makes a great prototype. Read More

The ROI of Failure: A Career on the Bleeding Edge

March 10, 2016, admin1 Comment

Let’s face it; I don’t have the kind of career that plants me at the same desk for forty years and rewards me with a gold watch at the end. To someone not familiar with the past twenty years of digital media, it would seem like I can’t sit still with any one company. That’s not a bad thing. Particularly if you’re considered a pioneer, an innovator, a game-changer. A cork on the tempestuous waters of change. Let me explain. Read More

Revisiting Xbox Live Arcade

February 23, 2016, admin0 Comments

Recently Greg Canessa sat down with IGN and recounted some of the challenges and successes in delivering the world’s first true Games on Demand service for consoles, Xbox Live Arcade. While at Schematic, I led the development efforts on a number of projects for Microsoft’s Xbox team, including the User Interface for XBLA, as well as forward-looking entertainment experiences for the Xbox 360 platform. Many of the things highlighted in these prototypes are still being rolled out on today’s Xbox One platform. Read More

Pimp My Smartphone

December 18, 2015, admin0 Comments

crazy-car-mod1What is it with people? They make a big deal about having the latest, greatest, sexiest smartphone. Spend hundreds of dollars in financing. Then immediately take it out of the box, affix a plastic sticker to the screen and cram the thing into a giant rubberized case. What was once a stylish, sleek, gleaming sliver of product design and precision aesthetics has been reduced to a sad, ugly abomination. What made the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone an industry icon is indistinguishable under layers of crap. Read More

The Sony Pictures Hack: One Year Later

November 24, 2015, admin0 Comments

Sony HackIt played out like a film marketing campaign for a “Hackers meets War of the Worlds” picture. Each warning and subsequent data dump onto Bittorrent seemed like it was accompanied by a comedy laugh track and “Oh no you di-int:, “Oh yes you di-id!” I was affected by the Sony Pictures hack of 2014. At least I think I was. Read More

The PC Isn’t Dead Quite Yet

November 10, 2015, admin0 Comments

OfficeIn an interview with The Telegraph and subsequent article on Mashable, Apple’s Tim Cook asks why anyone would consider buying a PC. Considering the powerful options out there in terms of tablets and smartphones, it might seem he’s got a point. However, I don’t believe that the PC is dead any time soon. Read More

The ROI of Hiring Experienced People

November 5, 2015, admin0 Comments

hipster_manbunEvery day we read about wildly valued startups imploding. They call the success stories, “unicorns” as if there’s something magical or even lucky about launching a successful product. If you look at the average demographic makeup of a tech startup, you will see people that reflect the qualifications criteria on their job listings. Young (mid-20’s through mid-30’s), mostly male and white. Skinny jeans, designer eyeglasses and a man-bun are a plus. Read More

New Site Design

November 4, 2015, admin0 Comments

painting_wallThe past couple weeks have seen my site move to a new server and with that comes a new streamlined site design. Wanted to make sure this new site was responsive for multiple browsers and devices, SEO optimized, a bit snappier in terms of performance and easier to read. I hope you enjoy the fresh look and feel – leave me a comment so I know you stopped by. If it looks wonky on your device, please try to shoot me a screen shot so I know what you’re seeing.

Initially, I am just posting basic profile bio, resumé and contact form pages. Soon you will see the return of selected case studies and the blog section.

Thanks again for visiting.