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About Me

I bridge the gap between bold visions and reality with proven strategy and execution chops that come from a career of launching groundbreaking products.

HIRE ME NOW to help your company embrace disruption and bring the Next Big Thing to market.

Particularly interested in connected vehicles, smart cities, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and the possibilities of connected AI, communication, entertainment, wellness & education with the Internet of Things.

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Key Skills Assessment


[skill title=”Strategic Product Positioning” experience=”7″ maxexperience=”7″]Proven success developing roadmaps and strategic marketing plans to position, promote and launch innovative digital products, services and campaigns that disrupt markets and delight customers.[/skill]

[skill title=”Full Development Lifecycle Management” experience=”7″ maxexperience=”7″]Committed to effectively managing the entire lifecycle of a product through inception, design, development to launch by applying Agile, Lean and hybrid methodologies.[/skill]




“Patrick is a rockstar. He rolled up his sleeves, immersed himself in the gestalt of the company and produced the highest quality work which showed initiative, originality, attention to detail and an ability to listen to what I wanted and reflect it back in the form of tangible prototypes. If you are lucky enough to work with Patrick, do. Great person, team member and leader.”[blockquote author=”Ann Greenberg, Founder of Sceneplay and Co-Founder Gracenote and ION.”]

“We’ve worked together at least four times on some amazing projects.  He is the best VP Product I’ve ever worked with.  I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.   That’s the highest praise I can give anyone.   Plus one thing that I love about Patrick is that he will take problems off your desk and bring them back solved.   A great guy to have on a startup team.”[blockquote author=”Robert Tercek, President, General Creativity; former President, Digital Media at OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network”]


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[edujobitem title=”Consultant” period=”2013 – Present”]Digital Product Strategy & Management Consultant, Los Angeles, Atlanta, St. Louis[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Product Management Consultant” period=”2015 – Present”]Milestone Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Product Strategy & Management Consultant” period=”2016″]Ci2 Media Studio & National Park Service, Charleston, SC[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Digital Strategy Consultant” period=”2014″]Warner Bros Entertainment, Burbank, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”VP Strategy & Mobile” period=”2010 – 2013″]Interest Labs, Los Angeles, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”VP Technology & Platforms” period=”2007 – 2010″]Participant Media, Beverly Hills, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Chief Operating Officer” period=”2005 – 2007″]ROK Entertainment Group USA, Los Angeles, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”VP Technology” period=”2005″]Endless Mobile at William Morris Endeavor, Los Angeles, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Director of Advanced Services” period=”2003 – 2004″]Schematic (a WPP Company), Los Angeles, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Executive Producer” period=”2003″]Hands-On Mobile (formerly Mforma), Los Angeles, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Sr. Director of Production” period=”2000 – 2002″]Packetvideo, Los Angeles, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Director of Broadband Production” period=”1999 – 2000″]Sony Pictures Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Manager of Content & Services” period=”1997 – 1999″]MediaOne Broadband, Los Angeles, CA[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Director of Online Operations” period=”1996 – 1997″]Inscape (a Time-Warner Company), Los Angeles, CA[/edujobitem]



“I’ve known Patrick since the dawn of the Internet. He’s a man of many firsts. Podcasts, Mobile Video, Texting as marketing tool….he’s a non-tech executive’s lieutenant who can make all tech specs come alive. He’s highly adaptable, insatiably curious, tinkers and studies and researches to make things work. A top-line thinker who can focus on the vision. He’s very networked and can get to the right people for answers or in the room! Consider your interview with him a free hour of consultation!”[blockquote author=”Linda Nicolai, VP Talent Acquisition & Executive Search, 20th Century Fox Film”]

“Patrick is the digital visionary you want on your team. We met years ago at a Digital Hollywood event and back then he already knew what the digital media landscape was going to become. He always knows what the “next big thing” will be.”[blockquote author=”David Spark, Founder, Spark Media Solutions; Content marketer, brand journalist, and trade show engagement expert”]


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[edujobitem title=”Bachelor of Arts, Video & Film Production”]Webster University, St. Louis, MO[/edujobitem]

[edujobitem title=”Undergraduate Studies, Computer Science”]University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN[/edujobitem]



“Patrick impresses with his smarts and tech savvy, but his underlying enthusiasm, directness and attention to detail distinguishes him. To deeply understand content and yet know all of the technical complexities are rare hybrid skills.”[blockquote author=”Adrian Sexton, Interim President & COO at Endemol Beyond USA”]

“Patrick’s got a great understanding of marketing analytics, product development, business development, and partnerships, and he’s got an incredible knack for explaining it to clients in a way that they feel empowered. I think Patrick would fit right in and make a great addition to any team.”[blockquote author=”Brooks Martin, Sr. Director, Mobile and Digital Guest Experiences, Marriott International”]