Project Description


The world’s first Games on Demand service for consoles.

Everyone’s doing it now. You can download Fortnite without leaving your couch and even play it before it’s finished downloading. It wasn’t always this easy and someone had to be first.

My team at Schematic was tasked with creating the UI/UX for the very first version of the Xbox Live Arcade service. The original Xbox console was a big deal in that every unit shipped with an ethernet port in the back. Unlike the Playstation 2, which shipped the broadband adapter separately thus bifurcating the user base.

Literally every Xbox user had the ability to enjoy this service – provided they grabbed the CD on which the Xbox Live Arcade experience was included. For their part, Microsoft put that thing on every CD they shipped, including magazines like OXM and others.

We built a classic service framework for Xbox Live Arcade. There was a fancy animated branded intro, followed by various transitions and states for browsing games, purchase and downloading. All the “content” itself would be slugged in through a server-run content management system. It was rudimentary but by gosh it worked. You could literally sit on your couch, have a hankering for “Galaga”, and a few minutes and dollars later, could be mowing down alien bugs like a boss.

My Roles:

Executive Producer, Creative Director