Project Description


Guerrilla tactics in mobile marketing set the bar and changed the world.

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Using SMS messaging as a platform for capturing and engaging people is nothing new. However, the team at Participant Media, TakePart and The Cove’s producers had bigger ideas. The documentary film about a secret dolphin slaughter practice in Taiji Japan was getting lots of buzz and attention around the Oscars. There was a good chance it could win. As such, the team quietly printed out a poster with our mobile shortcode, rolled it up and handed it to Ric O’Barry before he walked the red carpet. The rest made Oscar, mobile marketing and activist history.

While visible onscreen for less than a second before the network cut away, the shortcode made people pause their DVRs, Twitter took off repeating and retweeting the message, and USA Today featured this photo for their front-page coverage of the Oscars. Registrations shot up 88%. Not only that, but the people who registered clicked through on subsequent links and actions on average of 10%.

A few months later, the nefarious cove was shut down, but has been persistently trying to reopen ever since.

My Role:

VP Technology & Platforms