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Project Description


Sony Pictures’ first OTT service prototype for the Playstation game console.

The Playstation 2 was originally supposed to ship with a broadband adapter, but market forces dictated that it would only be released in Japan – and even then as an accessory. At the time, broadband networks were far more robust and prevalent in Japan, so the Japanese engineers were hard at work on an unreleased spec called Playstation Markup Language (PSML). Sony Pictures wanted to demonstrate how their movies, television and music properties could be incorporated as a broadband entertainment service and powered by PSML. I was tasked to build this experience as a prototype that would run “under glass” at the forthcoming E3 convention.

The resulting product was a success in that it had persistent crowds gathered around the kiosk watching a looping demonstration of seamless entertainment integration with the gaming console. My proudest moment came when one of the Japanese engineers incredulously asked how I built the prototype as they hadn’t yet released the PSML dev kit from their labs. When you can fake out an engineer, that’s a good simulation.

My Roles:

Executive Producer, Project Manager, Creative Director