Project Description


2nd Chance Gaming Platform that breathes new life into losing tickets




The Multi State Lottery Association (MUSL) partnered with my client, Milestone Entertainment, to create a 2nd Chance Gaming Platform for the popular Powerball lottery game. Some of the challenges were:

  • Most people lose when they play Powerball. Improve the brand experience.
  • Incorporate admin tools allowing Lottery personnel to refine the game environment to encourage ticket purchases, especially when jackpots are low.
  • First 3rd party vendor to work with the secure Powerball ticket API.
  • The entire Powerball Arcade (PBA) platform had to be free of any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and hosted in a secured FedRAMP compliant environment.

Our launch partner was Idaho Lottery. PBA would launch right out of their existing mobile app or from their website. Players could then scan their losing ticket’s barcode and convert their Powerball picks into a virtual currency of white and red vBalls. Players could spend white vBalls to play a collection of short, simple games which awarded red vBalls. They could then spend the red vBalls on entries into a variety of cash and prize sweepstakes. The incorporation of bonuses and other award multipliers gave the Lottery admins lots of flexibility to reward Players for showing up when things were slow.

Probably the most significant success on this project was that it marked the first time Powerball could study their player base. Up to this point, there was no database of players tied to ticket sales. People just bought tickets, but they had no real hard data on who they were. Because PBA used a numerical PlayerID to generate unique accounts – which tied back to Idaho Lottery’s actual Player Accounts – we were able to collect and report upon a variety of data points and behavior patterns that were previously impossible to determine.

Next up: Rolling out Powerball Arcade to the other 40+ MUSL States.

My Role:

Consultant, Product Manager