Project Description


The world’s first streaming mobile video applications.

As head of first party application development for Packetvideo, we were tasked with building carrier-grade ISO-9001 certified, bulletproof mobile video applications that could be deployed in dozens of carrier trials around the world. As such, our team built the world’s first deployed mobile video applications.

Our goal wasn’t to light the world on fire with our amazing apps. It was to secure relationships with carriers, chipmakers, handset manufacturers and developers. By fostering a vibrant community of partner developers, branded content providers and content publishers, we were able to pass along the code from our apps to the community – enabling our partners to accelerate their time to market and increase the value of the Packetvideo platform’s content offering.

You might say my job was to make my job unnecessary; a growing and successful developer program would supersede the need to prime the pump with applications.

Today literally every mobile device capable of streaming video uses Packetvideo’s patented technology.

My Role:

Sr. Director of Production