Project Description


Use a combination of virtual and augmented reality to drop the viewer into the middle of a famous Civil War battle.

Through my client, Charleston Interactive/Immersive Media Studio, the National Park Service sought a proof of concept which put the visitor on-site and immersed them in a historical Civil War battle. The challenges were significant:

  1. Plan and script a 360-degree video shoot at a remote location, sight unseen, with untested cameras and software
  2. Once on location, get in and out in less than an hour
  3. Convert spherical format footage into polar equilateral, composite type and video FX elements with proper distortion intact
  4. Deliver and demonstrate the finished product on iOS, Android, Google Cardboard, Mac and PC devices
  5. Start to finish in three weeks
  6. No crew. No artists. No support team. No problem.

The solution relied on my skills in video & film production, editing, VFX compositing, post-production workflows and nascent VR hosting & streaming platforms. A typical rendering pass took 14 hours. There were dozens of tests before the final pass was completed. In the end, we were all kind of blown away by how well the experience worked out. Blowing up Fort Sumter was loads of fun, but next time – we’ll do the rendering on something a little zippier than a 2010 Macbook Air.

My Roles:

Producer, Director, Videographer, Visual and Sound FX Compositing