Project Description


Find interesting people around you that match your unique interest graph.

Find interesting people around you! Meedar is a location-based application that uses your unique interest graph to discover fascinating people around you who share similar interests. Similar to other “interest radar” apps in spirit, but unique in that Meedar is powered by Xen’s universal, portable interest graph.

Meedar features three powerful filters to find just the right match!

1. None – generates matches based on all the topics in your interest graph

2. Category – only find people that match your interests in one or more categories

3. Topic – pick a single topic – say, your favorite sports team

Meedar was different from apps like Highlight, Sonar and Glancee in that it applied more than a simple Facebook “like” matching to the queries. You could match people in specific categories of interest, set a threshold of how many common matches you had before getting an alert, and match by specific affinity to a topic.

My Roles:

VP Strategy & Mobile