The ROI of Wisdom

Earlier this year, I wrote about the ROI of Failure, in which I explained that the return on that investment is wisdom, with a giant asterisk as a caveat. You have to be prepared to generate and gain wisdom. This time around, we’ll look into the ROI of Wisdom; how exactly is it identified and can [...]

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Applying Rapid Prototyping to Media Production

There’s a mind set and a little magic that goes into making something look larger than life. That it cost a fortune. Making it demand your attention, your admiration, perhaps even your desire. The food stylist putting the finishing touches on the perfect Big Mac by applying just the right dot of ketchup with a [...]

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Pimp My Smartphone

What is it with people? They make a big deal about having the latest, greatest, sexiest smartphone. Spend hundreds of dollars in financing. Then immediately take it out of the box, affix a plastic sticker to the screen and cram the thing into a giant rubberized case. What was once a stylish, sleek, gleaming sliver of product [...]

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The ROI of Hiring Experienced People

Every day we read about wildly valued startups imploding. They call the success stories, “unicorns” as if there’s something magical or even lucky about launching a successful product. If you look at the average demographic makeup of a tech startup, you will see people that reflect the qualifications criteria on their job listings. Young (mid-20’s [...]

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